Sunday, January 4, 2009

1st post to self

I really don't understand. Snow said she's my best friend. But why do I feel like she's using me? The things is, I really want to change for the better. But I don't think I can do it if I'm still friends with her and Rain. Am I a bad friend for thinking about them as negative effects on me? Somehow I don't feel that way.

Can't believe she asked for my help crying "please help me.." just so that I can accompany her for the ride back to college. She just don't wanna be alone, I know that. And she's not confident to drive back, afraid that she got lost along the way. And suddenly she got mad when I decline to follow her tomorrow. Huh! She should ask Rain because she's the one who will be going to the place with her tomorrow. Screw Rain's boyfriend. Why Snow didn't push Rain to accompany her back to college is beyond me. Maybe she's afraid of Rain. Huh! Screw Rain and her boyfriend and Snow's selfish attitude and her unreasonable anger. Hate them for behaving so selfish and expect me to not being selfish like them myself.

I really need to make myself more stern starting now so that nobody would boss me around and get mad when I didn't comply to what he/she said. I am a boss of myself!